Waajeed Breaks Down Dilla's "Come And Get It"

Waajeed Digs In The Crates To Explain Dilla's "Come And Get It" [Video]


Waajeed sat to break down the science behind J Dilla‘s “Come And Get It” – a collaboration with then-fledgling rapper eLZhi – from 2001’s Welcome To The Detroit. Dilla sampled Weather Report’s “Orange Lady,” a jumble of ascending electric piano, woodwinds that paint a bright sonic landscape and punctuated by percussive surprises and warm tones that litter the mix. Spearheaded by Joe Zawinul–who wrote with his wife in mind–and Miroslav Vitous who suggested the addition of arco-bass, the source track comes from their 1971 album Weather Report. Dilla filtered, looped, and applied his trademark thump before letting eLZhi loose on his upcycle of the original to the tune of a very self-assured delivery from the young MC. With that Dilla delivers another shot of dope to your sound systems. To those craving more the message remains simple: If you want it, come and get it.

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