The HHCF Announces Two-Day "Unity in Diversity" Festival

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Announces Two-Day Event, "Unity in Diversity"

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Announces Two-Day Event, "Unity in Diversity"

Photo courtesy of the HHCF.

The time to support one another has come and gone, so don’t miss out on the opportunity presented by the Hip-Hop Chess Federation.

The West Coast-based 501(c)3 was founded by hip-hop scribe + martial artist, Adisa Banjoko. His written words, his teaching of the young and all-around badassery has given way to this two-day event for parent and educators all about the latest trends in hip-hop education, art and technology.

Dubbed “Unity in Diversity: Hip-Hop Ed, Art and Technology” will be a series of community conversations about how teachers, artists and innovators are informing and inspiring the youth in our country. With special guest performances yet to be announced, “Unity in Diversity” is open to all ages at a ticketed cost of $10.00 for both days.

“In chess, all pieces have their own movements,” Adisa said in a press release. “Alone they can do very little. However, united they can achieve amazing things. The same is true in education. We are giving parents and educators immediate access to one another so both can find the best tools to get their kids college ready. This is just the beginning.”

For those interested in attending, the likes of Dug Infinite, Aliah Sharif, Zion I, Nate Nevada and others will discuss topics ranging from “The Humiliation of Hip-Hop” to “How Martial Artists Give Back” for the two-day time period of Feb. 25 – Feb. 26.

Be there, get educated and learn more about your community by copping tickets here.

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