Here's The 2016 Tribeca Films We're Looking Forward To!

Here's The 2016 Tribeca Films We're Looking Forward To!


Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo for FilmMagic

The Oscars has been so white that it might come as shock to cinephiles that hip-hop will be kicking off this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Sure, Elvis will be in the building, but more eyes will be focused on Viola Davis and Salima Koroma. The Tribeca organizers have already announced the festival’s centerpiece, midnight showings, special screenings and work-in-progress films. In addition to that, there are the pre-screenings and the ESPN Sports Film Festival that plenty are looking forward to seeing.

For those who believe that the film industry is already diverse enough, well, the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival will prove you wrong. Running in its 15th year, one-third of this year’s features are directed by women (whattup, Salima!) and other markers will surely be surpassed when New York City is blessed on April 13-24. The films, which you can check out over at Tribeca’s website, are surely going to go on to find its way to your streaming service, theater or in-home screening room.

The overall program featured 6,626 submissions with features from 32 countries, which includes eight International Premieres and six North American Premieres. 130 directors will screen their films, yet we are supremely interested in these projects that we have listed below. We are very impressed by the films that are being screened and debuted this year. Without further ado, we present the 10 Tribeca Films that we’re looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

Witness these risk-takers by checking out the new narrative below!

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