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Monster Mixes: Halloween Mixtapes From Chairman Mao, Diplo + PIMB

Screaming Jay Hawkins

As our last post of this all hallows eve, we’ll leave you with some treats you can really use: Halloween mixtapes from some our favorite DJs and selectors, to keep your monster shack set turnt up to ‘bashment’ from tonight right up through the weekend, when many of the masquerade jams postponed by Hurricane Sandy will still be unfolding, at least here on the East Coast. If this 3-hour Diplo mix which kicked off our Halloween posts this morning is not enough to last you until the break of vampire-melting dawn, immediately swap in this Halloween mix from Chairman Mao and finish ’em off with a trick or treat edition of the Potholes In My Blog podcast series. All 3 are assembled after the jump for ease of play:

Diplo + Friends – BBC 1xtra 3-hour Halloween Special:

Halloween is here, younguns, thought it might be a little postponed here on the East Coast. Luckily, thanks to our ‘special relationship’, we have some disaster relief coming from her majesty’s government in the U.K. who let Diplo + Friends rock out for 3 hours this week on a Halloween/daylight savings special. For this edition of Diplo’s weekly show ‘+Friends’ means System D-128 and his (its?) set covering the last hour of the marathon is a secret weapon within this bashment, jumping from Esplendor Geometrico to RZA to Jimmy Castor‘s “Dracula” in quick succession, monster mashup style. Riff Raff‘s Halloween story is also a highlight. Hit play below and have a fang-tastic holiday.

(see tracklisting here)

Chairman Mao – Spine Blowing Decisions Halloween Mix (2009):

Courtesy of Ego Trip, ‘frightening funk’ from master of records Chairman Mao, here’s what he said about it:

As if the post-Hurricane Sandy clean-up isn’t scary enough… BOO! – it’s another Halloween-themed mix. I originally did this for my old Spine Magazine radio show, Spine Blowing Decisions, back in 2009 (and in case you’re wondering, that year Halloween really did fall on a weekend). It includes both rap and non-rap – and, of course, everything is either thematically and/or musically relevant to horror, madness, devil worship, and tricks and treats. But in a fun way. Please excuse the now obviously dated and irrelevant talk-over portion, and enjoy the frightening funk.

Potholes In My Blog – Halloween 2012 Podcast:

Excellent selections from the PIMB crew on this Halloween edition of their regular podcast, running from Gaslamp Killer to Geto Boys (‘this year Halloween fell on a weekend..’) not to mention Gravediggaz and of course the winner of ‘best costume’ DOOM. Listen below and find the tracklisting at bottom:

Oh No – “Move” F. Roc C P. J Dilla
MellowHype – “64″
Vince Staples – “Matlock”
The Wu-Tang Clan – “Wolves” F. George Clinton
MF Doom – “Tick, Tick…” F. MF Grimm
Shabazz Palaces – “An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum”
Haleek Maul – “88″
Massive Attack – “Inertia Creeps”
Nacho Picasso & BSBD – “Bloody Murder”
Kanye West – “Monster”
Aesop Rock – “Crows 1″
Onra – “Cold Blooded”
Gravediggaz – “1-800 Suicide”
Geto Boys – “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – “Nightmare On My Street”
Shlohmo – “Trapped In A Burning House”
The Gaslamp Killer – “Apparitions” F. Gonjasufi
Hot Sugar – “Finale”

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