New Habibi Funk Mix Gathers Deep Cuts From Countries In Trump's Muslim Ban

This past weekend, the Trump administration was met with the vitriol of the progressive arm of the country after enacting an executive order that essentially amounted to a ban on travel to the U.S. from seven majority Muslim nations, including Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia. Protests and rallies were held after 109 people were detained at airports across the country.

In the days since, artists from around the world have lent their voice to this resistance. Today we’re happy to bring you a brand new Habibi Funk mix from our favorite globetrotting crate-digger, Jannis Stürtz, of the consistently dope, Jakarta Records. In the seventh installment of the revered mix series, Stürtz blends deep funk cuts from across the Middle East, including some countries subject to Trump’s inherently unconstitutional order. Hear the funkiest anti-Trump statement on the planet down below and scroll down to peep the full track list for your own wrecka stow excavations. Head over to the Habibi Funk Soundcloud page to continue the journey.

Track List:
1. Al Massrieen – Jungle (Egypt)
2. Hamid El Shaheri – Aoyonha (Egypt)
3. Zohra – Badala Zamana (Algeria)
4. Djoe Ahmed – Quand La Lumiere S’Etaindere (Algeria)
5. Games – Games (Lebanon)
6. Al Massrieen – Edda Mn Gded (Egypt)
7. Ahmed Malek – Unreleased (Algeria)
8. Fadoul – Bislama Hibiti (Morocco)
9. The Cats – La La Means (Egypt)
10. Mallek Mohamed – Unreleased (Algeria)
11. Ibrahim El Hassen – Unknown Title (Sudan)
12.Ahmed Malek & Flako – (Algeria & Germany)