Hear Gorillaz's First Song In 6 Years "Hallelujah Money" feat. Benjamin Clementine

The last few years have felt like nothing but torment and teasing for Gorillaz fans. Following Damon Albarn‘s confirmation of a project actually coming together, we’ve seen rough sketches from artist Jamie Hewlett, rumored guest appearances from Snoop Dogg and De La Soul, guest mixes and origin stories galore. But nothing in the way of new music has surfaced in six years.

Today, however, we have our first real sign of progress. Gorillaz has released a ghostly new single in “Hallelujah Money,” featuring the spooky Sinatra-esque wails of First Look alum, Benjamin Clementine. The two are a natural fit, with Clementine’s guttural inflections and Albarn’s apocalyptic 808-anchored arrangements making for the perfect score to imminent doom AKA inauguration day, just hours away now. Watch the video for Gorillaz and Benjamin Clementine’s “Hallelujah Money” down below. It appears we’ll have more from Gorillaz soon enough, so be sure to stay tuned for the next transmission.

Those looking for clues as to what they can expect, should try and keep up and read between their Instagram lines. Surely, there’s something in there that could hold you over. Or not.