Goodie Mob rep their set in red Adidas track suits

Coming with this exclusive Goodie Mob leak “I’m Set” The Los Angeles Leakers are clearly running a much tighter game than their basketball playing namesakes (I don’t have a dog in that fight, really, I just dislike the Lakers on general principles). The song itself is evidence that the Goodie Set are tuning up their offense as well–eschewing gameshows, spacesuits and rock opera chords this time around in favor of straight ahead rap game over an undeniable marching band/go-go beat of big horns and kettle drums. In contrast to other recent outings, team captain Cee-Lo lets all the players get some time on the court (ok I’m just gonna abandon the over-stretched sports metaphor now, cause I don’t even watch sports) and even his un-flashy but tuff vocal additions almost make you believe he still lived in the hood, instead of a hollywood mansion made out of pink cotton candy sprinkled with rhinestones. Which is where we know he lives in real life. Stream the tagged-up leak below and prepare to get cautiously psyched about the re-emergence of Goodie Mob.


  • Bryce13

    Wow, to remember how Cee-Lo once was is hard to imagine even for those who experienced the original first hand. His transformation clearly displays the corrupt nature of Hollywood/mainstream music industry and how it contorts and transforms even once revolutionary artist’s. I wonder if he has one of his Paris Hilton like animals on his lap while creating this song.

  • YCBS

    Agree w/ Bryce 13. Ain’t nobody hating either, that dude as well as many Black folks in Hollywood/mainstream think that they have to coon and sambo to get ahead. It worked, he got ahead, alright…A head fulla nonsense. Further proof, check out NFL Thursday Night Football’s theme song -It’s the worst song of the year hands down.