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Gil Scott-Heron, RIP

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

If you haven’t heard the news, we lost Gil Scott-Heron Friday–a loss that is felt even more sharply because of the run of amazing music he released recently, after years of silence. It seems a shame to dwell on that loss on the day most of us our catching a breeze in the park or at the beach, enjoying our friends and celebrating the start of summer–until you take a second to realize that Memorial Day was set aside, after all, as a day to remember fallen soldiers. So whether you’re cuing up picnic jams on a boombox or sitting in front of a computer workstation in a prison library, take a second to remember Scott-Heron–revolutionary, forerunner of all rap music, one of the towering talents of our time–today. As a person and an artist, Gil was deep and broad as well as tall, so there are many, many ways to remember him. You can watch the video for “I’m New Here” right here or buy the album it’s from here. You can check a nice compilation of his songs that have been sampled over here or read the excellent pieces on him in FADER and Waxpoetics recently or just listen to one of his classics in all it’s original glory after the jump. Personally, we prefer to remember him as he appears in the photo above–talking loud and speaking volumes.

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