Gary Clark Jr speaks on his song "Bright Lights" in a track-by-track breakdown of Black & Blu

Blak & Blu the forthcoming LP from Gary Clark Jr. is definitely one of the releases we are checking for most here at Okayplayer–and if you’ve had the pleasure to see this cat live at The Roots Holiday Jam (or anywhere really) you know why. Which is why we’re extremely proud to bring you this first installment of an OKP track-by-track exclusive series in which GCJ walks us through the entire album–starting today with the very first release that hipped most cats to his existence, a song called “Bright Lights.” Specifically, Clark speaks on the relation his composition bears to the blues classic from Jimmy Reed–just the first of many tidbits on an album that ranges from American roots music to heavy psych rock. Watch below and pre-order Blak & Blu on iTunes now.


  • Loveland

    Gary Clark Jr had a real Solid set at ACL this past weekend. I just heard his new CD and it is truly badass just amazing! Yes Gary is a bonafide bluesman,a very versatile talented musician . Austin Stand up!