Future x Pusha T x The Roots Perform "Move That Dope" Live On 'The Tonight Show'

Future links with Pusha T and The Roots as they take to The Tonight Show stage to perform the Atlanta MC’s hit lead-off single “Move That Dope” off his recently dropped Honest LP. Bass man Mark Kelley mans a synth instead of his axe and the crew rocks some true trap ish as Pusha and Future trade some words. Future’s sophomore solo record Honest is out now on Epic via iTunes and features a long line of star-power making guest appearances (specifically Kanye and Andre 3000.) Rock with The Roots as they back Future and Pusha T on “Move That Dope” below.


  • standaman

    I don’t get it: Quest’ wrote a viral article about how race and hip-hop are affected by each other & shortly thereafter, drums for a group whose song is named “Move That Dope”. Even Fallon had to politically correct it
    to “DOE”. What gives, Quest?

    • Funny i addressed that very ?uestion in OKP’s repost of the Vulture essay, it’s all explained here:


      “I can vouch firsthand that The Roots don’t just cover rap hits on Fallon–they take Kanye, Jay and N.W.A. seriously as art and sit around the studio dissecting the strengths of each with the fervor of any rap fan, albeit very erudite rap fans. No, the project in question is to point out that rap as it exists in 2014 is simply not able to take the weight that it is increasingly being asked to carry–the sum total of Black America’s lived experience. Hopes, dreams, triumphs and tragedies; all of it must boil down into something that can be contained in a 30-second Yo Gotti verse or mainstream culture simply has no place to put it.”

      so the point is not to boycott or censor strip club music or outlaw tales but moreso to have room for other stuff too. at least thats my take.

    • king

      HE has too, its his job. If you read his book and listen to his more in-depth interviews he talks about how he has learned to separate his personal music taste from his job…whether it be performing with Rick Ross or Future on Fallon or dee-jaying and having to play…”opingandemsta” or however you spell itl.

    • Dru

      He doesn’t “have to” do anything he doesn’t want to do. He makes a conscious choice to set aside his beliefs to make money. Some would call that a betrayal of his beliefs… The real question is.. at this stage in his career does he really need to sell his beliefs?

    • standaman

      Right. He loses some credibility by perpetuating the very negative music that troubles him! Yet, according to his article, Quest’ is inextricably part of the very same music that troubles him. He wants to have it both ways.

    • Eddie STATS

      Did anybody hear me? I don’t think The Roots or Questlove are troubled by Future (Or NWA) telling dopeboy tales, they are troubled by the lack of space for anything else. The mix of artists they back on Fallon represents that diversity pretty well…they fvx with Future and Nas & Q-tip and Kendrick and and and…

    • Pat2x

      Clean version is “Move that doh”

  • jj

    why is okayplayer posting this crap? instead of supporting dope producer/mcs like big tone out of Detroit who not only has been a part of dilla’s legacy for over a decade but is constantly dropping heat on his bandcamp. psh. I used to browse this website to find dope music. now its just whomever is on fallon.