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Video: Freeway's Manbeard Lotion [Infomercial]

Freeway's Manbeard Lotion Infomercial

Philly’s finest beard-grower and battle-your-favorite-rapper’s-favorite-rapper-MC Freeway is planning to spin his super-abundant facial follicles into gold with his newest creation: Freeway’s Manbeard Lotion. It has taken Freeway many years to master the art of facial hair (<--his words, not mine) and he could not possibly teach you all he knows. Luckily for you babyface b**ch-ass motherf**kers (<--his words, not mine) he has harnessed all his knowledge into this little bottle of kiwi-powered activator lotion. But wait, there's more: you will receive a a free mixtape with every purchase of Freeway's Manbeard Lotion. Watch this 6-minute infomercial (you're going to want to watch all 6 minutes, believe me) for more details.

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