Freddie Gibbs The Hard

Don’t let the soft melody and r&b singer on the hook fool you, Gibbs keeps it gangsta as always with his latest video, “The Hard” featuring Dana Williams. Watch Gibbs chop up the hard and tighten up his circle, so to speak, in his latest video. Baby Face Killa is out now, look for the newly freed emcee to drop Eastside Slim next.


  • YCBS

    YAY, Yayo!!!! More ignorant-assed music about drug sales and crime-just what we as a people don’t need. So he’s newly freed from his old label. Now to get him and more of our people freed from this slave mentality. SMH-Watch some idiots try to defend this f*#kery…”It’s entertainment!” FOH
    Black Folks Wake Up: The World IS Watching Us.
    OKP, Please do Better…And That doesn’t mean more pseudo-conscious fake boho off-beat hipster ish either, just do better. Love you still, though-C’mon ya’ll

    You Can’t Be Serious

  • seef

    gangsta rap exists, your commentary isn’t going to make it go anywhere. stop trying to ruin it for those of us that like it. OKP doesn’t cover every BS artist out there like other blog sites, but gibbs works with credible people that are worth paying attention to. in turn, that makes him worth paying attention to. i like safer rap too, but we don’t need an outburst from the coffee shop guy everytime something like this gets put up.

    • YCBS

      I know it exists, there’s no balance. Gibbs’ verse on Curren$y’s “Covert Coup” album was straight fire, so no disrespect to him. There’s no balance. And yeah, like dude said, below, I think this kind of stuff is getting old . By the way dude, I’m FAAAAAR from the coffe shop type-in fact, I can’t stand those boho types either. I grew up seeing too much of that drug game ish. In the bigger scheme of things, it’s all a trap, even listening to that kind of stuff too much. The beat’s cool, but the video makes me nauseous. It really sucks knowing that your cousins, uncles, & neighbors growing up had days like what was depicted in the video only to end up in a casket later that day. I’m coming from that angle w/ all of this. They made their choice, but it’s still sad. You can believe whover runs this site knows better.

  • The SoapBox Killer

    I think I got old. Ten years ago, I would have told you that song was dope, and from a certain stand point I still think it is. I guess I’m getting, or am tired of trap/drug/murder music. Gotta hear this(type of music) all the time on the radio in the car or at the Yellow Dragon while some kid(19) gets a grape dutch and a bag of hot fries. If the whole of rap music was balanced, at least for me this song would be fine.

    It doesn’t have to be “backpack 1992” music either or some highbrow, cryptic bass and afro . Just balanced is all.

  • i feel you YCBS….
    they fighting the WRONG WAR.

  • The madlib project with FG might have some crazy beats and lyrics