Flying Lotus and Lilfuchs create Such A Square audiovisual experience for Moog Sub Phatty

Flying Lotus x Lilfuchs x Moog Sub Phatty - "Such A Square" [Audiovisual Experience]


Moog, the Cadillac of synth-makers has unveiled a new product called the Sub Phatty (see above) and to make sure all you wavy okayfuture MFs know about it, they enlisted Flying Lotus and his sometime visual collaborator lilfuchs (AKA animator Adam Fuchs of Adult Swim fame) to create an “audiovisual experience” in its honor. The result is a track called “Such A Square,” accompanied by an acid trip in cartoon form titled Moog Sub Phatty: New Machine for Living. The music, naturally, was created on a Sub Phatty prototype which FlyLo has apparently had in his possession for a few months now. Lilfuchs has worked with FlyLo before (on the “Zodiac Shift” video, for instance) and although I don’t think he was officially credited I am going to put on my cartoon detective hat and say that, judging from the familiar palette of psychedelic pastels and the Hanna Barbara on LSD drawing style that Fuchs has probably been involved in the Captain Murphy animations as well. Get the full audiovisual experience below:

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