Natalie Stewart aka The Floacist

New music from Natalie “the Floacist” Stewart, which many okayplayers will recognize as the non-Ambrosius half of the fondly-remembered Floetry duo. “Soul” not only makes a hell of a statement, it does so with a hell of a groove that comes on like the brand new Brand New Heavies. Listen below and stay tuned for more on Natalie’s upcoming sophomore LP.

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spotted at SB


  • rtoriq

    Absolutely love this woman. i didn’t want to bring this up to the Okayplayer boards since i am 99% certain they’ll do nothing but shred her up and say how much better her co-bandmate is.

    i loved Floetic Soul (was surprised at how good it was), and hope this next album will be great. i’m just glad that she’s being less afraid to just plain sing. She can’t sang-sang we all know, but neither can some of our grandmothers and uncles and nieces etc. but they stil find a way to express themselves in song and for the message to be understood. So i admire her direction. She’s creative and a good wordsmith IMO.

  • rtoriqkilla

    dont talk bad about the boards, son

    • rtoriq

      LOL rtoriqkilla?? LOLLLLL
      And no one talkin bad about the boards, i’m being real.

  • J. Bizness

    “…upcoming sophomore LP”…??
    What was her debut solo LP…?

  • Rchard Hobbs

    Natalie Stewart is by far the better half of floetry, her music is so underrated, when your not on a major record label, you don’t get a chance to shine, no advertisement invested into your product, it’s not fair to artist, especially if your as good as mrs. Stewart….

    • mi

      Finally someone else noticed that she was the best one of the group. When Marsha came out with her solo I was thinking it was going to be refreshing and new but it was the same sound as everyone else. But when Natalie’s album came out I played it out. So with both albums out you could tell who brought the creativity out in those floetry albums and it was not Marsha. I am so proud of Natalie for being her and doing the music she loves.

  • Akello Light

    Those are some cute ear rings she has on.