The Gold Setting Embodies That Good Vibration

First Look Friday: The Gold Setting Embodies That Good Vibration

First Look Friday: The Gold Setting Interview

Photo of Liza Colby taken by Laurent Chevalier of The Chevalier Creative for Okayplayer.

Back in the early days of America, settlers went out West in search of infamy, their own piece of land and the hopes of striking gold. It was a rush, historians said, as hundreds of thousands of dreamers left their cozy, yet snowy filled lands in the East to venture out where the sun settles into that smooth groove, which is much like this week’s First Look Friday subject.

The Gold Setting is a sexy, electro-pop, jambalaya fusion of soul, ’70s sound and Los Angeles glitz. As a group, these players led by its stunning face, Liza Colby, have built up a reputation as a glimmering bastion of beats, rhymes and explosion that separates itself from the others. It is with those mixtures of sounds, blended with the powerful playing of Godfrey at LargeAdam BergTodd Simon and Richard Rudolph who make Sunset Strip feel like a sonic utopia.

The work these guys put in culminated in the debut EP, Volume and Tone, a four-track effort that only promises that there is more sass-and-pop to come. And as we got a chance to know the band’s front woman, Liza Colby, it is apparent that she is more than just a pretty face. Her adventurous takes on love, lost and sensual soul make her more of a funkified Bessie Smith than Beyoncé. She is such a jewel to hear on records that every note and line seems like a golden moment to bust out into dance and enjoy the grooves.

Together, The Gold Setting finds themselves in that perfect pocket where their warm grooves overshadow the wicked weather we here in the East are experiencing. As we sit down with Liza Colby, representing The Gold Setting, she shares with us her experiences, her thoughts on the industry at large and breaks down just what she learned about herself throughout this recording process. With Volume and Tone out on April 7, we are also excited to be the exclusive premiere spot for you to hear “Gimme Your Love,” an after-hours jam that will have your body swaying from right to left.

Without any further ado, please, enjoy the sounds and the mojo of the bright, alluring and future soul stirring, Liza Colby of The Gold Setting.


Okayplayer: To music snobs the world over, you are making an impact. What is it that those in music game are seeing and hearing that the rest of the world has yet to discover?

The Gold Setting: I never liked the term “music snob” [because] music is subjective. There are no rules to what is good or what is bad. I do believe in intention and truth. All it comes down to is what hits you. In my case, as I see it, as long as I make an honest piece of art I trust it will reach the people who need that music.

OKP: For those who have a passion for music, they honed their skills and practiced their craft. Who are your most cherished influences in music and why?

TGS: For practicing and honing my craft, my brother Gabriel Colby, is a major inspiration to me. The two of us were really lucky to grow up in a musical household. Both of our parents are working musicians and they both laid a strong foundation of support and dialogue where we could speak about the process and the craft. That in and of itself was an irreplaceable tool. Other influences are Aretha Franklin, her vocals always came off as effortless and each word holds so much meaning and weight. My mom and I did so much Aretha!

Iggy Pop. I love his style of stripped down writing and how it is so soul driven. Also, the mayhem and chaos that comes out when he performs it is a legit release. As an early teen, Stevie Wonder was my catalyst to start writing songs and I was completely obsessed. Missy Elliott. She has that groundbreaking sound and that groundbreaking look. Her music is so recognizable and danceable. For me, it was the perfect mashup of pop and hip-hop. Tina Turner is another one, too. Not just because of her songs, but her performance was a legit spectacle. She is sexy and badass and the toughness comes out in her voice and body language.

Bruce Springsteen was a big favorite of my dad’s and his work ethic is mind blowing.

OKP: Can you talk about how your life was while developing as an artist? How did you react to your first bits of press?

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