Exclusive Photo Set: Black Star, Kanye West, M.I.A., Common, Lauryn Hill & More - Okayplayer

Exclusive Photo Set: Black Star, Kanye West, M.I.A., Common, Lauryn Hill & More

Mike Schreiber TRUE Hip Hop Powerhouse Books

This Friday July 13 from 6p-9p at The Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo, Brooklyn (37 Main Street), join photographer Mike Schreiber as he launches his book TRUE Hip-Hop. After book launches in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and London – Schreiber brings it to his home town New York. Mike will be displaying photos from the book, as well as never before seen work that he’s personally chosen from his vast archive as well as signing books and speaking about his experiences. Read our interview with the man and check out our exclusive gallery of images below.

TRUE Hip-Hop: The NYC Book Launch – Photographs by Mike Schreiber
Music by J. Period
Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/258605000912501

Okayplayer: When did you first start taking pictures and when did you realize this would be your career path?

Mike Schreiber: I’ve always loved taking pictures, but i started to really get into it in college when I worked for the school paper. I realized it would be my career path when I got fired from a job I had. I was halfway through being interviewed for another job when I realized that I didn’t even want to work there. I decided then and there that I’d figure out how to make a living as a photographer.

How did you first start shooting rappers (artists)?

I started by shooting shows at places like Tramps and Wetlands in NY. I shot a lot of shows, and I found that I was able to get better access at Hip Hop shows, so I got more backstage stuff that I was able to sell to The Source and Vibe. From there, publicists and people at the magazines started to know who I was, so things just kinda went from there and next thing I knew, I had a little career path!

How do you feel about the current explosion of photos and photosharing via mobile phones and sites like instagram and Facebook?

I think it’s great in terms of people taking great pictures and being excited about photos, but it sucks if you’re trying to get paid to do it. Technology has made it so easy to take great photos, that photography as a profession seems almost obsolete. And the idea of intellectual property and copyrights seems to have completely gone out the window. I think technology has made photos less valuable, less precious.

Do you shoot only film?

Yes. I have no interest in digital photography whatsoever.

You used to shoot lots of dog photos, and even release an annual calendar. Fo you still?

Hahaha… The dog photos stopped a long time ago and I haven’t made a calendar in a few years. Maybe I’ll make one this year!

What is your focus now?

Well, this year I’ve been focused on having shows to support the book. After this one, I’ve got a few trips that I’m planning, so I can get back to taking pictures and seeing where they take me. Ideally, I’d like to do personal projects, make books and have shows and make money doing it.

All photos are copyright Mike Schreiber, www.mikeschreiber.com

Talib Kweli Mos Def Black Star by Mike Schreiber

Common by Mike Schreiber

KANYE WEST by Mike Schreiber

Gill Scott by Mike Schreiber

MIA by Mike Schreiber

Rahzel Erykah Badu Common Questlove

Lauryn Hill by Mike Schreiber

QUESTLOVE by Mike Schreiber

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