Even The "Standard" Version of Technics' New SL-1200 Is Ridiculously Overpriced

Last year, Technics announced that it would be bringing back an old favorite: the storied (and slightly overrated) SL-1200. It’s a readily-identifiable silhouette, one you’ve no doubt seen in action at your local all-vinyl night or perhaps even as the centerpiece to your audiophile homie’s setup (though it’s really not meant for hi-fi usage.) But the updated version “gold” version not only sold-out almost instantly, but did so with a whopping $4,000 price tag.

Now, Technics has announced a “standard” model of the ultra-coveted turntable, that isn’t quite as insanely expensive as its reimagined high-end predecessor. But according to Gizmodo, it’s still slated to hit retail for about $2,000. If you’re wondering why the 1200s are the subject of such an insane uptick in pricing, a recent interview with Technics creative director, Hiro Morishita, should bring you up to speed. According Morishita, Technics is abandoning its legacy in hip-hop for high-fidelity home units, claiming that marketing to contemporary DJs is “problematic,” hoping to cement the legendary wheel of steel as a go-to option for the burgeoning record collector…if they can afford it.

The big lesson here: if you’ve already got your hands on an SL-1200, maybe just keep it? An official release date for Technics’ “standard” version of the SL-1200 has yet to make way, but we fully expect to see it at some point this year.









  • Jon White

    i know this is a great brand and all, but unless you make lots of money as a DJ, i dont see paying that much, what does this do special, that my $100 bucks LP player not do, my LP player plays and hooked up to my pc and amplifier.

    • Hanssan Khalifah


    • volvic

      This is not a DJ table but a serious table for listening music. I have heard the higher end model and have an older MG5 and there is no comparison the newer is leagues better. One would never compare an older Nissan 300 ZX with a newer and make the same comparisons. Just different.

  • Raptor Jesus

    This table is a bargain at two grand.

    It’s not 1981 anymore.