At long last, eLZhi‘s much delayed and highly anticipated free album, ELmatic, is here (via XXL). This tribute to NasIllmatic was produced and played live by Will Sessions, and like the album it pays homage to, it only has one featured emcee (Royce da 5’9″). Enough talk, download the project after the jump.


1. The Genesis
2. Detroit State of Mind (Houseshoes Shout)
3. Halftime
4. Memory Lane
5. The World Is Yours
6. Represent
7. Life’s A Bitch feat. Royce da 5’9 and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition
8. One Love
9. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Pete Rock Shout)
10. Pete Rock Shout



  • George

    Nas must be proud for the career he is blessed with…he is respected by so many nice emcees J Cole, Ezhi, Fashawn, Jay Electronica, Kanye and many more. Thise is a nice tribute to Nas’ classic Illmmatic…nice job Elzhi!.

  • Dave G.

    What a great way to embellish a classic. Every line Elzhi spits is fire, which is truly a testament to his talent and hard work. Love this mixtape.

  • TonyBlanks

    Damn, this is crazy! they killed it. Elzhi is spittin, and the production is crazy. Hell yes

  • sstretch

    Yeah this mixtape ablum is crazy. I don’t download any type of music or mixtape for that matter but I had to download this joint for real and that’s how much respect I got for this dude ELZHI, he’s a monster lyrically and we definitely got to support dudes like this. The LIVE BAND, WILL SESSIONS, held that down with the production and keeping it unique.

    Check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • This mixtape is AMAZING.

  • Stizzy

    yes, it THAT good!!!

  • WOWZA!

  • c’mon son!

    This mixtape may as well be a classic or “free album”, whichever, it has been one of the best releases of 2011 for not only hip-hop, but music. The production is fantastic in how the music was re-worked, and from a lyrical perspective it cannot be stressed how pure and polished Elzhi’s musical genius is.

  • A classic then; a classic now. Keep it gene.

  • Uhurube

    Yo from Detroit to QB this album is a good look for all true Hip hop heads… Refreshing!!!

  • freaking INCREDIBLE!!….it takes a lot to have the heart (and the skill) to touch a classic like ILLMATIC….but they kept the integrity and definately made it their own…KILLED IT!!..elzhi you are THE TRUTH!!…LOVE & SUPPORT…GOODworks good brothers!!

  • This is SO DOPE! The Music is BIG and ELZHI rhymes perfect 5Stars

  • Pooz30

    Why is the track listing not in the same order as illmatic?

  • I cant w8 to listen, I mean this is exactly what supports my opinion wen everyone was buggin over ode to illmatic, I wanted the beats to be remade, remake the snd of the illmatic beats so it doesnt make me jus wanna stop it and listen to the original

  • twoface da ace

    will session was on point with the beats and elzhi did his thingon the mic they did the illmatic right on this joint