First Look Fridays: Anushka

First Look Fridays: Anushka - 'Yes Guess'

Anushka New Music

Looking for some upbeat UK dance jams? Look no further because we present you two tracks from Brighton-based AnushkaThe duo, featuring vocalist Victoria Port and producer Max Wheeler, create huge dance beats with soulful singing. Their first EP, titled Yes Guess, is coming out on April 15h through Brownswood Recordings (the label headed up by the eminently trust-able Gilles Peterson). The title track brings back memories of mid-90’s club music combined with a more contemporary sound. “I Have Love 4 You” is a summer party-starter released a little too early. Port’s voice is breathtaking while Wheeler glues it all together with upbeat beats. It sounds like a mashup of house music with Jill Scott. Both songs can be heard below.

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