James Blake And Holy Ghost

If the releases of recent weeks of his  haven’t been enough for you, James Blake has dropped a beautiful and hypnotic new track, titled “And Holy Ghost.” BBC Radio 1’s Benji B premiered the song yesterday, which will not appear on Overgrown, being available only as a B-side to Blake’s single, “Voyeur (Dub).” With sparse vocal samples lingering, and ambient synths floating around, the single has a futuristic-yet-appropriately-church-like vibe. While the album won’t be released until April 8th, short previews of each track can be heard over at OkayFuture. Stream “And Holy Ghost” below.

Spotted at HT


  • TheSonicDrifter

    That was some Pooty Tang shit… Completely nonsensical. And I happen to like James Blake. But damn near 30 seconds of static?! I’m surprised this was being played on the radio.