Eddie Murphy Spike Special - Eddie Murphy "One Night Only"

If you were not cheering along as we watched the Eddie Murphy Spike special / tribute (Eddie Murphy One Night Only)–which featured appearances from Jamie Foxx, Arsenio Hall, Tracey Morgan, Chris Rock and Keenan Ivory Wayans, not to mention a jam session between Eddie and Stevie Wonder (backed by a lil ol’ band called The Roots) You can now watch the entire 90-minute special online thanks to the magic of the interborg. Butter up some popcorn and click play after the jump to watch the Eddie Murphy Spike special “Eddie Murphy One Night Only.”

spotted at MWP


  • Alex

    What song The Roots played when Jamie comes?

    • I was wondering the same–I’m just sort of assuming it might be one of his? anybody know?

  • Dunks

    Over night celebrity I think…

  • kintaro.west

    Kanye West – Slow James

    • Alex

      Thanks, but i think Kanye used some sample, i can’t find it.