In order to make sense of the chaotic, sometimes joyful, sometimes overwhelming and always confusing mess that was 2011, we asked veteran journalist, cultural critic and filmmaker (not to mention longtime friend of okayplayer) dream hampton to provide her insights on the top stories of the year. The following 11 moments that she selected run the spectrum from the personal to the global–and in one case the interplanetary. They represent the triumphs and low points–often at the very same time–of 2011, from Detroit to Cairo.


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  • gumdrops

    the bin laden entry has to be one of the stupidest. a man is killed ruthlessly, seemingly just to prove how big the balls of the US are again, and to boost the profile of a falling president, all in the name of ‘the war on terror’, with US officials gloating over the fact that the last image bin laden saw was a masked US gunman, and all you can write is how obama was swaggerific? great 😐

    • dream hampton

      I’m sorry Mr. Drops, we seem to disagree. I think that anyone who believes that Mr. bin Laden was killed surrounded by porn and 2am buried at sea is the “dumb” one. I’m sorry you missed my condescending tone.