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Donuts Are Forever x Scratch Academy Scholarship

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

This year a grip of kids in Brooklyn will be able to say “Dilla changed our lives” and mean it in a much more concrete way than most of us do. Our favorite NGO, established in honor of our favorite producer, Donuts Are Forever has teamed up with our dudes at Rare Form events and Brooklyn non-profit Groundwork, inc. to establish the first-ever DAF scholarship which will be awarded every year to “empower and encourage youth in inner-city music programs” and inspire them to pursue careers in DJing and production. The proceed from the DAF5 fundraiser held in J Dilla‘s honor in February–totaling in excess of $4,600 — went to students at Groundwork, helping 8 students from the “Groundwork For Success” program enroll in production classes at Scratch DJ Academy‘s NY location. Plans are also in the works to open a Brooklyn studio space where instructors from Scratch Academy–established by Jam Master Jay to lower the barriers of entry for aspiring DJs- can establish a youth-to-youth program where scholarship recipients can become instructors themselves. Each one teach one, indeed.

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