DJ Premier & Prince Paul To Discuss Pioneering Careers On 'Talkhouse' Podcast

DJ Premier & Prince Paul To Discuss Pioneering Careers On 'Talkhouse' Podcast

by zo
1 year ago

DJ Premier & Prince Paul To Discuss Pioneering Hip-Hop Careers On 'Talkhouse' Podcast

This Wednesday, October 26th, two legends of hip-hop, DJ Premier and Prince Paul, will sit opposite one another and discuss lives lived through the adolescence of their culture at NYC’s state-0f-the-art Sonos Store in Soho.

Throughout much of what is considered to be hip-hop’s “Golden Era,” there’s likely no one who’s taught us more about the chop, screwed up more faces or cut as many classics as Preemo and Paul. And the good folks at Talkhouse are here to shine some light on their countless contributions to the art and sweet science of sample-based production. Between the two of them, they’ve helmed masterpieces for the likes of De La Soul, Gang Starr, Biggie, Jay Z and countless others. Preem had the charts, Paul had his ear to otherworldly sounds and sonic experimentations, but together they represent a timeless guard for hip-hop production, revered ’til the end of days.

And you’ll soon have the opportunity to sit-in on a discussion between royal members of that guard, as DJ Premier and Prince Paul’s Talkhouse session will be broadcasted live on Facebook so that you can feed your brain on your lunch break, and in real-time. Tune in at 2pm tomorrow afternoon for all the gems your dome can handle. This one is not to be missed.

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