DJ Premier Says That He Has Some Kendrick Lamar Songs in the Stash

Photo of DJ Premier courtesy of Instagram.

Can you imagine what Kendrick Lamar rapping over classic DJ Premier drums sounds like? Well, apparently it’s happened…we just haven’t heard it yet.

Yesterday a Twitters user asked Primo a simple, but very good question: Can we get that Kendrick Lamar and Primo collaboration hip-hop fans have been daydreaming about?

The legendary producer responded by saying that they’ve already worked together. The songs they made just didn’t make “the album:”

Very interesting. We’re assuming that “the album” Primo is talking about is Kendrick Lamar’s latest, DAMN

In 2015, Kendrick scrapped together a bunch of To Pimp a Butterfly rejects and made untitled unmastered, a pretty excellent album. So whenever we get untitled unmastered 2, Kendrick better make sure that the DJ Premier songs are on there.