DJ Premier x Miguel x Jerrod Carmichael Funny Or Die [Video]

Watch DJ Premier & Jerrod Carmichael Shop Suspect Beats To Miguel, Royce Da 5'9" & Lady Of Rage For Funny Or Die

by zo
3 years ago

Watch DJ Premier & Jerrod Carmichael Shop Game-Changing Beats To Miguel, Royce Da 5'9" & Lady Of Rage For Funny Or Die

DJ Premier and uber-stan Jerrod Carmichael found themselves in the studio with some suspect productions from Preemo, shopping them around to some of our favorites in a hilarious sketch for Funny Or Die. We’ve all known Premier to be one of the foremost architects of the Golden Age sound with credits that extend to Nas, Jay Z, D’Angelo (hopefully no one’s forgotten about “Devil’s Pie”) and literally the gamut of pioneers we’ve grown to know and love. But let’s just imagine that the titan of production’s pallet became a bit skewed over the years, that his propensity towards classic funk & soul samples was replaced by a taste for ice-cream truck melodies and corny ragtime tunes. Therein lays the premise of this quirky clip, where the likes of recent collaborator Royce Da 5’9″ and femme fatale Lady Of Rage can do nothing but turn their heads in dismay; where a lone Miguel envisions his new sound stemming from these totally off-kilter chops, stridently defended by Carmichael, who wants to save the fruits of Preemo’s labor for someone like Sir Paul or The Beach Boys. You probably can’t, but that’s where all the fun is at. Watch Jerrod Carmichael and DJ Premier shop his new sound around to the greats down below and pick up a copy of Preemo and Royce’s PRhyme LP stat for a real fix.

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