Lost Luggage & Proper Lube On Vinyl Destination Ep. 16

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Friends Lose Luggage + Talk Proper Lube In Vinyl Destination Season 2, Ep. 16

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Friends Rock Parties, Lose More Luggage & Treat Themselves In London In Vinyl Destination Season 2, Ep. 16.

The Vinyl Destination crew keeps the party going throughout Europe in the latest episode, which kicks off in Annecy, France where they play at Pop Plage on day 3 of the tour. DJ Jazzy Jeff and his cohorts continue their journey on the other side of the pond with stops in Belfast and London. The trip includes the requisite lost luggage and yet another round of the small car shuffle, which finds them testing the limitations of a few undersized vans. DJ Ferno‘s old man dance and lube tutorial are a highlight of the episode, which also features the crew rocking at Plan B and doing some shopping in London Town. Jeff caps the jaunt with a burger and a shake. Treat yo’self to the latest from Vinyl Destination. Stay tuned for more.

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