Eddie Murphy In Talks For Netflix Mockumentary About '60s Soul Singer

Photo of Eddie Murphy courtesy of ABC News.

[UPDATE: Sadly, this one’s just too good to be true. But the debunking does come with a twist. Eddie Murphy’s daughter, Bria Murphy, shared a snapshot of the moment she informed her father of the viral tweet. Turns out, Murphy didn’t even know he had a Twitter account. See the post below.]

When your dad doesn't even realize he has a twitter account. ?❤️

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In 2018, it will mark 30 years since Coming to America split ribs and broke funny bones in theaters. Universally praised as a romantic comedy classic, Eddie Murphy might have been feeling a bit nostalgic when he tweeted the possibility of a sequel on Twitter, which caused everyone to lose their respective minds.

As reported by Complex, the tweet was instantly deleted, yet the screen grab had everyone thinking of possibilities for how a sequel could take place. The original film’s cast of Arsenio HallVanessa Bell CallowayEriq La Salle and James Earl Jones are still looking good and working in the business, so why not bring them back?

Adding Kevin Hart, Tracy MorganDave Chappelle and Leslie Jones to the mix could be exemplary as well.

Either way, Coming to America was legendary not only because it was the third highest grossing film in the U.S. in 1988 and was nominated for two Oscars, but it still has some of the coldest lines (“His mama named him Clay, I’ma call him Clay”) and characters (Randy Watson) in all of comedy.

Despite removing his entire account from the Twittersphere, its Twitizens have weighed in to the possible news of the 21st century. Check out the comments below and keep an eye out for an update as it develops.

H/T: Complex