denitia & sene - blah blah blah [EP Download]

denitia & sene. - blah blah blah [Free EP Download]

Sene Denitia blah blah blah

Back in August, denitia and sene hit us with their collabo EP, blah blah blah. The project was dope and definitely worth every penny. Now, just in time for the holidays denitia and sene have decided to give away the EP for free. On top of that, they’ve added two more songs to it, “casanova.” and my personal favorite from these two, “trip.fall.” Head past the jump and get it while it’s still out there for free, and let’s hope that full LP is coming soon.


1. blah blah blah.

2. she’s not the only one…

3. how to satisfy.

4.  casanova.

5. trip.fall.

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