Relatively unknown and super-talented, strummer-songwriter Denitia Odigie just appeared out of nowhere on our musical radar, like a flock of swans in airplane formation. Recorded in somebody’s living room with only guitar, organ, mini-moog and voice, the Dream Suite EP is quiet but powerful–pretty sure no amount of tracks could make these original songs shine much better. Must have been a sunny living room. Listen below.


  • I like it.

  • Brittani Rodriguez

    A few minutes ago I was in a huge commotion, but as soon as I put this on I was at peace and forgot about everything while the song “Weekend” was playing. I really liked it. My cousin, Lisa Stramiello, linked me this page. 🙂 I love it when she sends me good music.

    • Awesome @Nave. @Brittani: I got more peace music comin…so glad you dig.