Dear White People, Watch This 'Dear White People' Trailer + Enjoy

Dear White People, Watch This 'Dear White People' Trailer + Enjoy

Watch The First Trailer For Netflix's 'Dear White People' Series

Photo of Logan Browning courtesy of Netflix.

Dear White People,

Despite the anger delivered toward Justin Simien‘s highly anticipated Netflix show, Dear White People, you cannot stop the shining.

With the show soon to hit the popular streaming service on Apr. 28, we here at Okayplayer have already checked out the 10 30-minute episodes in an attempt to prepare for our interview with the aforementioned creator and show runner Yvette Bowser.

To celebrate the occasion, we were sent a new trailer for Dear White People, and if it is anything like the last one, you white people need to be deathly aware of what’s about to happen. Picking up right where the film left off, actors Tessa Thompson and Tyler James Williams are replaced by Logan Browning and DeRon Horton, while Brandon Bell and Marque Richardson return as Troy Fairbanks and Reggie Green, respectively.

Racial tensions are still high after the ‘Dear Black People’ party (a trope that still goes on till this day) and beefs are on the rise between the BSU (Black Student Union) and the satirical, white-ran publication Pastiche. This first season looks as if all of these issues will come to a head with an explosive development for all of the cast involved.

Kudos to Netflix for not taking white people serious in its attempts to boycott the service and claim that it was “anti-white”. Those with a better sense of humor will enjoy seeing these intriguing characters when they get busy on Netflix on April 28.

For now, just enjoy this fly trailer, and please, please keep an open mind.


Your favorite neighborhood managing editor, Kevito.

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