Danny Brown and Mike Skinner talk about rap and UK Grime

Alright, so I don’t feel too weird about writing on Part 3 of the Noisey conversation between Danny “Daniel” Brown and Mike Skinner. That’s because for the first time, the two are talking about something other than..well what they talked about in Parts 1 and 2. This time the discussion goes from doing a GAP commercial with pops to UK Grime, and the art of fast rap in general (apparently Jay-Z‘s got nothing on Kano). The two also delve into Danny’s style of loud and quiet rapping, letting his voice follow his emotion. So watch Danny Brown get loud (just by hearing his name in Skinner’s British accent) below and stay tuned for the final part of the duo’s adventurous conversation soon.


  • Bryce13

    These shows are sweet! I love Danny Brown, he is hilarious.