Danny Brown Change

So when we got that new Johnson&Jonson (Blu x Mainframe) a few weeks ago, they mentioned a new J&J project on the way, as well as the Danny Johnson album, but gave no details on the latter. Well, it’s exactly what you suspected, Johnson&Jonson on the beats, Danny Brown on the rhymes. Listen to the first leak, “Change,” and look for that Danny Johnson album coming soon via New World Color. This is tight, but I’d love to hear Blu rhyme with Danny on a few of the tracks.


  • ornithologic

    am I loosing my mind or is this absolutely not Danny Brown and this is just a screw up OKP? Because that’s not Danny Brown on the mic.

    • dapwun

      never heard danny not scream on a mic, huh? it’s him, don’t worry. the lyrical content’s a dead giveaway, anyway.