To many of us, D’Angelo‘s Voodoo tour was like yesterday. ?uesto on his throne, conducting the show in a dashiki, D with his washboard abs and sultry vocal stylings causing ladies to throw their panties on the stage not even halfway through the first song. Well that was 11 years ago and no album or tour since. Are we mad, son? No. It’s that man’s life. Do we want our D back? Heck yeah!

We posted back in July that word around the industry and on the twitternets was that work on a new album was well underway. Now it appears two shows have been announced for Amsterdam’s legendary venue Paradiso for Jan. 30th and Jan. 31st, 2012 with tickets going on sale this Saturday November 5th for €60. We heard about this last week and tried to reach management to confirm before posting. No confirmation (or denial) but the shows are still listed on the Paradiso web site–and rumor has it London gigs are in the works.



  • MG

    This is amazing news if this is true. I hope that D’Angelo is well and ready to make his comeback. He has been missed.

  • Jarow

    damn this is dope!…:)

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  • ryan

    Is Amsterdam really the best place for d? Drugs, hookers everywhere. Think about it. Still, I’d like to know more.

  • Buttah

    Ah yeah! I’ve been waiting for this day for a loooooooong time!
    D has finally resurrected. Very curious about what is his style is gonne be in 2012. And the good thing is: Imo be there!
    Got my alarm ready for the pre-sale!

  • Phil

    Yeah Amsterdam is the worst place for him to be…especially because it’s the ONLY place in the world that a sexy (no homo) singer on tour can find drugs and hoes. Come on now…let’s dead that argument.

    Great to have you back D. Can’t wait to see what you come out with.

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  • Luuk Jacobs

    THE Guy who booked d’angelo for THE Paradiso venue is Dutch dj called kc THE funcahollic (Kees heus). He was interviewd About this on Dutch radio. THE radio dj was stupid enough not to ask who called him and what Gives him THE inpression That THE gigs are not some Sick joke. Stupid!!! Could you people at okayplayer Mabey get into contact with Kees and ask all THE nececary questions?

  • BA

    January 26th – Copenhagen @ Store Vega
    January 27th – Stockholm @ Filiadelfia Kyrkan
    January 29th – Paris @ Zenith

  • so wat was yoda ? a scoop ? u know i’m not gay but d 3 albums where sublime. got my girl hot she loves niggas in pain, kinda reminds har of when she was raped by dem when she was little. no seriously people dont understand explicit.

  • i am not going n e way just give me link where i can down di new stuff asap buying new music only will get yall n trubbel (plus i don haf n e money at & after -all) saw Sade in rotterdam after her i dont need 2 go 2 a concert wif mike ded n all wait


  • ok smoke a spliff 4 me i’ll b back


  • look i went 2 prince because he is a genius like micheal . i heard mike when i was at a friend who lived across di arena in amsterdam, let me tip u gins eng =d all time healer weed can do many things 4 u that sincluding fukkin u up; hasj is sh!t, 1 day without smokin extends ur life wif 1 week (lets u go cold turkey) ur body grows and heals , so people like us cant recoop in a hospital where everything is about money and chemicals , we mastered it , micheal got 2 many dope from his doctor according 2 di media n now he is guilty all i know = dat people who smoke dont quit. memba mi tell yuh.

    so if d enjoys dis he shud odawize i missed out

  • look those concerts where not like golden earing inleiden di blond daughter of a boerin where i was stayin (on a farm in a trailer trying to exploit me) still think i am their knecht (slave). they owe me alot for the stuff out of my moms house they stole from me . i saw golden earing wit dem so imagine i can never meet dem again dutch people r scared of music they dont like it ,dats y i like it because it keeps the haters away or dem get arrested . so they mastered pimpin we supply the pheromones and endorfin and they get 2 fuk nice ha ? so NO d wont c me

  • LJ

    One of the downfalls of trees is it puts you on your own wavelength where you think that everyone is following your train of thought/thought process, is feeling what you’re feeling, and/or understands where you’re coming from. But DAMN n*gga, you sound straight up CRACK-ISH. Step back and check your ramblin’-ass self, curb the ghetto-text-speak, and re-read your post before you press the ‘submit’ button and you might actually get a point across.
    Funny it tags you as Not Available. Couldn’t be any more dead-on.