IAMNOBODI Picks Up The Pace On D'angelo's "Brown Sugar"

D’angelo‘s “Brown Sugar” got the rework treatment from the ever enigmatic producer extraordinaire IAMNOBODI, picking up the pace on the iconic introductory groove to one of our great generals. Gone is any semblance of acoustic instrumentation, swapped out for IAMNOBODI’s glistening 8-bit synth work and swinging drums, tapping into some knee deep kicks and air-tight snares. Dare I say, had Dilla’s hands ever had the pleasure of gracing this early gem, it might come out something lie this. But thats just this writer’s take. Listen to this swinging synth-laden rework of D’s “Brown Sugar” below and let us know how it hits ya.


  • Orlando Camacho


  • Donnell carr


  • ohlaskeau@gmail.com


  • SirNozeDvoidofFonq

    the beat is fire, but sounds a little off key with the vocals. also dont like the pitched vocals. but nice production tho.