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Video: Daley - "Remember Me" + Alone Together [EP stream]


Daley reminds us that the UK does a lot for American soul music lovers. Joss Stone, Jessie J, Jessie Ware — they all make me wish Britain had won the Revolutionary War, so that maybe we could have posh accents and a deeper appreciation for soul here in the US. At the same time, those three names (all female) also remind of the male void in soul music — if not all music that requires strong vocal chords and a robust diaphragm. Enter Daley to kick away life’s sad reminders with a video for “Remember Me” featuring Jessie J. OKP has been onto this guy since he released a song/video for “Alone Together” featuring soul star Marsha Ambrosius (oh hey look! another favorite English singer… Must be the air). Back then, Daley was a pleasant and sultry surprise. Now, Daley is slowly beginning to establish himself as a presence in our ears and eyes. His collaborations tell all: no one gets with Marsha Ambrosius or Jessie J without intentions. It’s clear that Daley has intentions, and we don’t even have to guess what they are — the title of this latest video tells us: “Remember Me.” This kid wants to be a legend someday. While the video itself doesn’t give us much to remember, Daley’s vocals, style, and partnerships do. If you’re not convinced by my excitement after watching the video, stream his EP (after the jump) and tell me his cover of “Love Is A Losing Game” is not the freshest, most honest take you’ve heard since Amy (RIP).

Listen to Daley’s Alone Together here and share what you think in the comments section.

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