Dahi Divine Gets It Poppin' w/ "Outro / Sway My Way" Cut

Dahi Divine Pushes A Soulful Party Vibe in "Outro / Sway My Way" Cut

Dahi Divine Pushes A Soulful Party Vibe in "Outro / Sway My Way" Cut

Photo courtesy of Dahi Divine.

Dahi Divine is looking to push contemporary music forward with imagination, creativity, soul, hip-hop and experimental jazz. A graduate of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, this writer-vocalist and all-around musician brings the Sounds of Philadelphia (his hometown) and merges it with the vibes of the 21st century. His latest, “Outro / Sway My Way,” which features Gabriel Wolf + Jill Ryan on the latter part, is a dynamic, melodious groove that catches your ears right when you press play. Dahi, a trained tenor saxophonist, composes a bouncy, hip-hop-esque cut that shows off his individualism + proves that he will be a name to remember in this business.

Keep an eye and ear out for Soundsmith, his latest recording project, which tells his story of being a composer in New York City, and his move back home to pursue his dreams. Other issues such as social issues, inner city struggles, being different and trying to find your own confidence are captured in music form, which would make an impact on any coming-of-age person or musician. All in all, Dahi Divine is showing himself to be a positive impact worth keeping in your playlist.

Listen to “Outro / Sway My Way” below, and be sure to keep your notifications on this budding talent by following him on Twitter @DahiDivine.

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