No I.D. in the studio with Common

Roughly 15 hours ago super-producer and Def Jam honcho No I.D. uploaded this track “No Sell Out” to his soundcloud with 1 tag: “Common” and this description: “Lost songs by Common.” It is definitely Com’s voice & flow on the track and it is definitely a ruff & tuff chop of Ike Turner‘s “Gettin’ Nasty” (recognizable to us old heads from the intro to the classic Main Source joint “Snake Eyes,” not to mention Jurassic 5) that he is getting nasty over. Will add any info about the era or session that birthed this lost treasure as we get it, but in the meantime stream below and just enjoy the sound of 2 masters at work. Kings of Rhythm, indeed.


  • greg

    Kinda ironic he would do a song called No Sell Out and look at him now corny films voices for Happy Feet and stupid pop songs I really hope goes back to his earlier stuff Be was his last good album in my opinion

    • MG

      ^ doing voice-overs for movies or acting in general is not “selling out”. That’s called working as an artist in a different field. And he’s always done features for a variety of artists yet hs message has always felt pretty consistent tho. He’s never tried to be something he aint which is how I define “Selling out”. The Dreamer the Believer is a return to form.


  • Main-One

    Fuck Greg for posting that shit.
    Common always putting out CLASSICS!

  • sample nicely chopped.

  • besskepp

    the dreamer the believer is a slept on album