Common follows news of his forthcoming Nobody’s Smiling LP with a taste of what he and No I.D. have been up to in the studio as of late. The result is “War” – a hard-hitting track that tears through the tragedies, socio-economic issues, sub-cultures and storied streets of Chicago to deliver a rough-hewn manifesto addressing the city’s ills and any assertions that Common couldn’t bring the get-busy back. The upcoming project produced by No I.D. is reportedly based upon the state of affairs in Chiraq and the city’s dire need for a reduction in violent crime. Common hopes to affect change in his hometown with this release. If “War” is any indication, this will likely be an album marked by impassioned lyricism and tough production that finds Com getting right to the heart of the matter. Check the track below to listen to “War” from Common and No I.D. Download the track via SoundCloud. Stay tuned for more.


  • fontgangsta

    not really a fan of this track, but i wont complain about another NO I.D. helmed record – i can only assume we’ll get more Fauntleroy on it and it will be a nice Cocaine 80s showcase like the last one (although id really just rather have a new Coke80s album at the end of the day).

    • KD1906

      Solid track right here. I just hope the music serves its intended purpose…

  • #DOPE

  • JT Money

    Pure F-I-R-E….



  • noel

    mad bars that make sense thanx common

  • noel

    they don’t do that no more