There has been some confusion about Common‘s upcoming album (apparently he’s keeping the album name) and here is the latest information to surface. While in the UK, Com sat down with DJ Semtex who gives a track by track breakdown of 8 songs off Invincible Summer, which is scheduled for a September 23rd release (the 22nd in the UK). Supposedly there are 2 more tracks expected to be added for the release. Semtex shares that a majority of the songs are produced by the Neptunes and MrDJ. According to Semtex, an even more in-depth interview with Common is coming soon to his radio show.

spotted at nahright



  • Some Reality

    ok ok can’t wait …
    didn’t like Universal Mind Control to much .. but Announcement is dope

    he need like a Beatminerz and Madlib .. or even Doom and a RZA joint

  • vixuplooksharp

    i disagree…..i think Universal Mind Control is off the hook! ye a madlib joint would be crazy!

  • lynx765

    Both songs are fire…it shows how versatile Com is, the definition of a true MC.

  • julian o

    i want common to do a mashup with nicolay’s city lights volume 1…shit would be ill people

  • Midwstchild

    No doubt, I would like to that too. Or maybe have Nicolay do some tracks for him on his next album. Would be a great calabo.

  • StephensonBritney31

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