Chazmere Keeps It 100 On 'Ten' From Self-Titled Album

Bronx's Own Chazmere Keeps It 100 On 'Ten' From Self-Titled Album [Premiere]

Photo of Chazmere taken by Kayla Reefer.

Chazmere is not ready to let the game experience any weakness as long as he’s involved in it. The Bronx-bred rapper has had a better engagement with his audience as a developing artist that others haven’t been able to construct. How so, you ask? Well, after collaborating with the likes of Talib Kweli, Das Racist and NIKO IS, Chazmere is readying his self-titled effort for mass consumption, plus unleashing an uncompromising video with Ten featuring Brooklyn’s own ScienZe.

Sounding full of energy and emboldened by the sign of today’s times, the man born Chaz Van Queen is emerging out of the shadows, sounding invigorated and determined to make an impact. After years of experiencing life on the road, the adversity that comes with being a man of color in America and honing his skills — Chazmere is delivering his most cohesive project to date.

Blending his dynamic presence with sleek lyrical cadence, Chaz, alongside ScienZe show why they’re not playing on this self-produced cut. In the video, the duo show why you have to be on diez no matter where you’re at. “Protect your neck, these coppers make me want to cop a vest,” they say, which alludes to the tragedies that have befallen our black men, women and children heavily in recent years. Armed with insightful bravado and lessons, Chazmere tells us what the video is all about and why the audience should pay attention.

“This video, this song is about all those who do all it takes to actualize their dreams. Those who are building their careers piece by piece. Those who do all it takes regardless of ego, pride, etc… If you have to start small, start small. You will grow. I chose ScienZe for this song because we are at similar points in our careers and deal with a lot of the same things while starting our respective businesses. The dancers are some of the best I’ve ever seen Uptown. Everyone knows of them. The harp player, “Elsz,” is an artist I’m collaborating with from Australia.”

Watch the video with your eyes, ears and heart underneath. Plus, be sure to cop the tunes via iTunes by clicking here.

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