Charles Bradley Victim Of Love album art

This new Charles Bradley song “Strictly Reserved For You” is post #14 for today but it shoulda been #1 to me. First off, there’s the song itself; with it’s amazing horn-work, fuzzy guitar tones and a bassline for the ages, “Strictly” walks more in the footsteps of Dennis Coffey‘s most sophisticated sonic struts than we’ve heard before, a subtle contrast from other recent outings, which have leaned more towards a classic Memphis soul sound. Then there’s what the song symbolizes–not just the defiant survival of real soul music into the twitter-pated, drone-haunted present but more specifically the arrival of a new Charles Bradley album Victim Of Love, slated to drop April 2nd via Daptone records. Start spreading the news…


  • Oh yeah! That man is the man!

    Looking forward to the next album and hopefully many more concerts with this god like man.