Chance The Rapper went toe to toe with the almighty Nardwuar in a recent one-on-one interview during a Vancouver tour stop. The discussion found the Chi-town MC answering lots of questions about his hometown, growing tobacco, acid everything, almost throwing up on Kendrick Lamar and the alarming proximity of Nardwuar’s microphone to his face. Chance The Rapper also made his late-night television debut with a performance of “Chain Smoker” on The Arsenio Hall Show. Chance performed the track from his AcidRap mixtape with a full band and sat for an interview with Arsenio Hall. Check the footage below to watch Chance The Rapper’s interview with Nardwuar. Scroll down to peep his performance and interview on The Arsenio Hall Show.


  • jd

    Really dig the guy. Not a fan of the music though. But he can rap.