Captain Murphy and Earl-Sweatshirt - "Between Friends" live at Low End Theory in L.A.

Just between you and me and the internet, Captain Murphy is really Flying Lotus. The good Captain actually pulled back the cape (literally, he was wearing a gold sequined cape and mask) to reveal his mild-mannered alter ego at a live appearance at Low End Theory in L.A. and just in case those in attendance were not already feeling like part of the inner circle, wilding out in alternative hip-hop’s sanctum sanctorum, the hard-to-identify Captain Murphy was joined in the star chamber by the often-hard-to-locate Earl Sweatshirt  for this performance of “Between Friends” (cut to footage of people’s heads exploding). This clip is short and was definitely not shot on a steady-cam. But like a wise man once told me, if the footage is from Mars, nobody cares if the camera’s a little shaky. Hit play to watch a little bit of weirdo rap history below:

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  • PPEtike

    dressed like blowFLY !!! BLOWFLY for PRESIDENT