Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip drop “Thank You” – a two-stepper that features a sample of the Alicia Myers classic with a little help on the adlibs from Lil Wayne and Kanye West. The track from Busta’s forthcoming Extinction Level Event 2 LP is sure to heighten anticipation for what promises to be another heater from Busta that follows in the gargantuan footsteps of the first ELE project, which dropped back in 1998. Adding to the excitement, it would seem that this joint produced by Tip is ripe for a posse cut. Check the track below to listen to “Thank You” from Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip featuring Kanye and Weezy. Stay tuned for more.


  • Kahlil ShinobiShaw Kent

    They’re spittin’ on this!!

  • guest

    damn lols

  • kabi

    shit is Butta!!!!!!!

  • Monica C.

    Q-Tip never disappoints!

  • Lo Primo

    Feeling this heat !!

  • matrevovgel

    This was the best salad. I mean they each hold their own but together are satisfying, Now if we could get more.

  • Daru Jones

    Funky Dope!

  • heezy

    Oh thank god Lil Wayne didn’t get a verse.

    • chewy davis

      LLOL…yeah, he wouldn’t have been able to keep up lyrically!

  • Knowledgebass

    No originality, Robin thicke, doing the same shit wit that blurred lines bullshit, weeks may as well have rapped cause this sound super dated, qtip? Why some of you niggz n such hurry to get excited, I’m willing to bet this shit won’t lead the album, and hopefully he saves some of that dungeon dragon for the rest of the album

  • HamandEgger

    How Hip Hop should really be…

  • Andy Carnegie Cotton Jr.

    Theophilus London merked this beat 3 years ago

  • Rickyrose

    Does it matter that their lyrics have nothing to do with the title or chorus?

    • 1993era

      you cares, its a nice song . . .

  • Daniel Maxwell

    Darn..This is crazy!!!

  • Eweeks

    tip and busta!! its been too long since they’ve been on a track like this!

  • Katarina Feki

    the sound of hiphop would never be as good as it is if there was no Q-TIP…THANK GOD FOR HIM..best regards from Sweden

  • K-dub

    Who are these lovely ladies in the photo?

  • cheekydollar

    Q-Tip and Busta killed it. Not quite sure what Kanye or that other chap is doing on the video. A little embarrassing really….uh…uh yeah.

  • Thusego Acapella Dc Itiseng

    9s song….