OKP's Fall Reading List Of Essential Books For Fall 2014

Read A Book (Or 10): Okayplayer's Fall 2014 Reading List Of Must-Buy Books

Read A Book: Okayplayer's Essential Fall 2014 Reading List

Thanksgiving was yesterday, turkey. Fall has fell and Holiday time is upon us. You know what that means. It means…Read A Book, ya illiterate bish. Seriously–beach reading is all well and fine, especially for guilty pleasures and trashy treasures.  But there’s no time like snow time for cozying up with a good book (emphasis on a GOOD book) and expanding your mind, losing yourself in somebody else’s life (or record collection) and transporting yourself elsewhere on the cheapest vacation money can buy (just ask Levar Burton). It’s also an ideal time to purchase the ol’ physical objects so you have something to wrap and put under the Christmas tree besides a url. In that spirit, Okayplayer presents our Fall Reading List of essential books for fall semester (or 4th quarter, if you’re grown) 2014. These titles include fiction and non-fiction, word and image-driven tomes alike. As far as mental travel goes, the fiction will move you from Detroit to Lagos (Bridgett M. Davis‘ Into the Go Slow) and from Kingston circa 1976 to New York circa 1992 (A Brief History Of Seven Killings). The non-fiction, true to what people say about truth, will take you even stranger places, like: the mind of Prince (Alan Light’s Let’s Go Crazy: The Making of Purple Rain); the record collection of Questlove (the expanded edition of Eilon Paz‘s rogue’s gallery of obsessive diggers Dust & Grooves); that weird ’90s moment when Ice T and Jello Biafra were part of the same collision of rap, post-punk and angst that was called “alternative” (Glen E. Friedman‘s photo retrospective My Rules); and last but not least, The Mothership (Ben Greenman‘s George Clinton biography Brothas be Yo, Like, George Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You?). The strangest trip of all, however, may be the journey into the mind of a white man…attempting to become a black man through “racial reassignment surgery” (Jess Row‘s brave and disturbing novel Your Face In Mine). All in all, there’s literary joints in here for every palate, style and orientation of Okayplayer so pick a book that’s right for you, one that’s right for someone on your holiday shopping list and bring us to warp speed, Mr. LaForge. [and if you’re participating in the #BlackFridayBoycott, buy black wax or a black OKP hoodie today instead, and Read A Book on CyberMonday – ed.]

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