Bonz Malone discusses Spike Lee and Django Unchained

Bönz Malone x Django Unchained Interview On 'The Vicious Hours' [Radio Rip]

Bonz Malone

Ok, the whole Django Unchained thing has been pretty throughly analyzed at this point. But this Bönz Malone interview with friend of Okayplayer Spon Vicious on his “Vicious Hours” radio show is something you need to listen to. Malone weighs in on the whole Spike Lee vs. Quentin Tarantino controversy with a little more authority than some other commentators, speaking as someone who’s sat down with Spike, Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson. I’m not going to spoiler-alert his comments which weave in everything from Rome vs. Carthage to the ridiculousness of Germans or Jews boycotting Inglorious Basterds to the symbolic power of a black man on a horse, BUT…suffice it say that Spike gets pretty thoroughly aired out in the process. Scoop up all the jewels via OKP’s soundcloud page below. In other black cowboy news, TMZ reports that the controversial action figures from the movie (at bottom) have been discontinued due to protests outside the Golden Globes and pressure from Al Sharpton’s National Action Network–and for true ride-or-die Django-watchers, scroll down to get Talib Kweli‘s thoughts on same, shared in a recent Hot97 visit.

Django Unchained discontinued action figures

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