Theology class in in session. A man named Blu has some wisdom in store for us today on this Exile-produced cut named “A Man,” as he philosophizes on different perceptions of God/Jah/Allah/Yahweh/Based God or whatever term applies to your belief. As the custom commands when these two forces collide, Exile matches the sermon with some ghetto gospel of his own. The track is a freebie off the Maybe One Day EP, which the MC/producer-duo released yesterday to shorten the wait for the mastered version of their anticipated Below the Heavens follow-up, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them. Cop the EP over at iTunes. Chuch.



  • frenchmime

    Exactly why Blu is the people’s west coast emcee. Stays reppin’ for the common folk. This man is telling it like it is, and staying so true. God bless his soul, because his light shines so bright —allows the rest of us to see the path. Blu!!! Oh, and it’s a relief to hear Exile being plugged back in with him.

    No doubt as to why he spit on The Roots’ How I Got Over, on three separate tracks …

  • Prue

    I’ve turned people on to hiphop using Blu as a jump off point. This man is incredibly talented, great track.