Watch the video for Sureshot Symphony Solution "SSS Theme"

Sureshot Symphony Solution - "Sureshot Symphony Solution Theme"

Sureshot Symphony Solutions Video Still

The first video from DJ Sureshot’s jazz-experimental project, Sureshot Symphony Solution has dropped via Nature Sounds Records, and the result seems to be exactly what Sureshot envisioned when recording the album. Taking visual cues from ’70s cop dramas, the video for Sureshot Symphony Solution’s title track looks a lot like it sounds; old school, funky and dramatic. The title card alone looks and sounds like something ripped from a blaxploitation flick, so you might be surprised to find the album it comes from only came out a few months ago. If you haven’t heard it already, Sureshot Symphony Solution is an excellent blend of psychedelic rock, hip-hop breaks, and lush jazz instrumentation – which means it probably goes without saying that it’s unlike most anything released in the last four decades. Watch the video below and cop the full album via iTunes here.

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