Black Thought Shares The Trials Of Getting A J Dilla Beat

Black Thought Explains How MCs Would Race To Detroit To Get The Latest Batch Of J Dilla Beats

Black Thought Explains How Rappers Would Race To Detroit To Get The Latest Batch Of J Dilla Beats

The intertwined legacies of J Dilla & The Roots have been well-documented over the years. From the infamous phone call from Q-Tip that put Questlove onto Slum Village (and ran up quite a bill, for that matter) to their inevitable meeting of minds and collaborative efforts during the famed Electric Lady Studios takeover, the Illa Fifth and Jay Dee were insta-kin.

A recent interview with Black Thought forĀ Ambrosia For Heads, reveals just how kindred Dilla Dawg and the rapping community were, as well as how coveted The Motor City music maven’s work was in the late-90s. Thought explains how Busta Rhymes, Common, Proof, Q-Tip, himself and Pete Rock would race to Ma Dukes’ place, where Dilla’s studio and record collection were set up in the basement, all to get their hands, hearts and ears on the latest batch of Dilla’s seasonal beat output. Elsewhere in the interview, Thought looks back at some of his most cherished memories of working with the late producer, even divulging how “New Years @ Jay Dee’s” came to be one of the single greatest b-sides ever released in hip-hop. It’s a warm reminiscence of a legend, from a legend, and it’s available for you to see just down below.

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